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Counseling Service for International Students
1. Counsellor : Mr Chanwoo Yu (Counselling in English, Chinese translations provided)
2. Areas of Counseling : maladjustments, interpersonal relations, career counseling, personal issues
3. Counselling Process
    1) Send an email to cyky80@hotmail.com (Counsellor Mr Chanwoo Yu)
    2) Comprehensive counselling with the student
    3) If needed, in-depth counselling will be carried out on a regular basis
    4) Inquires : Global Service Center / Ms Jenny Kim / 02-3290-5171
    5) https://gsc.korea.ac.kr/usr/international/counseling_service.do


Gender Equality Center

Implementing education on sexual harassment and sexual assault, as well as sex trafficking and domestic violence prevention for all members of KU, and immediately responding and providing counseling for sexual harm that occurs on campus, furthermore, contributing to creating a campus culture in which there is no discrimination due to the person’s innate gender, and also providing an environment where individual dignity and their potential can be maximized.


Dongwon Global Leadership Hall 1st Floor