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Student ID
Main features & service information
1. Lecture attendance feature : Lecture attendance can be verified through the card readers installed at the entrance of large lecture classrooms and halls.
2. Library access and seat assignment feature : You can access the library and check your seat assignments on the kiosk by placing your card on the sensor.
3. Dormitory use : Use the card to verity dormitory access and meal purchase.
4. Access control feature : The card controls access to allow only authorized personnel entrance into buildings or particular places that require security.
5. Financial and transportation card feature : The financial function of the student ID/ID card varies depending on the type of card that is issued. Therefore, check the corresponding card company’s website for further description of the financial feature.
Issuing a new ID card
1. Eligibility: Newly enrolled undergraduate students as well as graduate students in Masters & Ph.D. (General • Professional • Specialized) programs
Only applies to graduate students with a class number
2. Application Deadline: Early February (for early undergraduate and graduate school freshman), Early August (for late graduate school freshman)
3. Period & location of distribution
Further details on application deadline, distribution period, and distribution location will be announced separately after confirmation of admission.
4. How to apply :
 Apply at http://scms.korea.ac.kr/symtra_applicationform/applicationintro.asp
5. For international students, register your certificate of foreigner registration with your undergraduate college (graduate school) academic support department after your enrollment, then bring a photo for your ID (passport photo size) and a copy of your certificate of foreigner registration to the One-stop service center for issuance
6. For students who did not apply during the application period, bring a photo for your ID to the One-stop service center in person for issuance
Reissuing an ID card
1. If you lose or damage your student ID card  Visit the One-Stop Service Center in the area with your ID and the damaged student ID card  Reissuance within 30 minutes of application registration  5000 KRW fee required
2. If the chip or the magnetic strip is damaged  Visit the One-Stop Service Center in the area with your ID and the damaged student ID card  No additional fees required
International student ID card
1. If applying for a general type ISIC with no financial feature : After applying for the international student ID online and transferring the application fee, visit the Central Square One-Stop Service Center for an immediate issuance. (ID/Student ID required)
2. If applying for an ISIC with the check card (debit card) feature : Refer to the contents of the [Apply for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)] when submitting an application.
3. You can also apply for the Hana world plus check card (debit card) at the Hana bank KU branch.
Contact Us
Humanities and Social Sciences One-Stop Service Center : Central Square B1 Floor +82-3290-1140~6
Sciences One-Stop Service Center : Hana Square B1 Floor +82-3290-4090~2
Office Hours : During Semester : 09:00~17:30, During Vacation : 09:00~16:30
Undergraduate Students & Postgraduate Student (Alumni can only apply for the public lockers)
One semester (Six months)
Public Lockers : February & Early August Portal Announcement
College Lockers : College (Student Council) Homepage Announcement
Application & Use of Public Lockers
Application Period: February & Mid-August
How to Apply (Enrolled Student) Online Application: Portal > About KU life > Reservation/Management > Apply for Lockers (Alumni) Application by Visiting
How to Use : For students selected by the prescribed procedures after paying their deposit and fees