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KU Library is the heart of Korea University, where intellectual nutrients are available to future leaders of the knowledge-based society. The library endeavors to provide the best service to every single person affiliated with of Korea University so that they can realize their potential to the fullest.

With approximately 2.3 million volumes, the library has the largest stock of books among the nation’s private universities. It also has a state-of-the-art digital library that is the largest in the country. The digital library is not only the most significant in terms of scale, but it also houses the largest volume of digital content in the nation.

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Science Library

The Science Library, located on the Sciences Campus, first opened its doors in 1983. Aiming to become one of the best research-oriented libraries in the field of the natural sciences, it has approximately 420,000 books and 3,600 academic journal titles. In an effort to expand the university infrastructure, KU opened Hana Square – a multi-purpose facility – to the front of the Science Library. In collaboration with facilities located at Hana Square, the library is the cornerstone of our full-spectrum academic information center.


Main Library

The Main Library consists of two parts: the four-storey library and the seven-storey stack rooms, which store humanities and social science data. On the 1st floor, general reading rooms with 350 seats, an information center for book returns and user information, and internet-based learning areas for watching VOD lectures are located. The 2nd floor houses journals and reference materials, and the 3rd and 4th floors have books located according to their class numbers. Other than these basic facilities, the library has carrels to meet the special research needs of graduate students and lecturers. Group study rooms and special facilities for the disabled are also available.


Main Library (Graduate School Building)

The Main Library (Graduate School Building) was constructed in 1937 in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Bosung College, and is funded by a benefactor. Designated Seoul Metropolitan City’s Historical Site No. 286, the building boasts great architectural beauty. The Classical Chinese Literature Room, located on the 2nd floor, preserves books written in Classical Chinese and other Chinese books, totaling approximately 180,000 in number. The building also has a 190-seat reading room for graduate students.


Centennial Digital Library(CDL)

The Centennial Digital Library was established in May 2005 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the university. Located in the Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall, the library is a four-floor building with a basement. Playing a pivotal role in storing and making available electronic data and multimedia services, the CDL is equipped with state-of-art facilities and devices with which students can fully access a vast amount of digital content and various multimedia programs. The library continues its efforts to provide optimal learning experiences to users who wish to adapt to the rapidly-changing information environment of the modern day. Users can become directly involved in producing, managing and using digital information, which allows them to accumulate knowledge and experience in various fields.


Medical Library

Korea University Medical Library (KUML) – the four-storey building located between the College of Medicine and Korea University Medical Center on the Nokji Campus – was constructed under the auspices of the Medical School Alumni Association and the foundation. Since its establishment in 1972, the library has been a cradle of medical education in Korea. The library’s online service allows users to have access to a wide range of electronic data in the fields of medicine and bio-technology. Books and other documents are positioned according to the open-shelf system. It also has reading rooms with 600 seats, and lounges.


Haesong Law Library

Established in March 2007, Haesong Law Library – a three-storey building with two basements – has a collection of 60,000 books on law and over 1,000 journal titles published at home and abroad. To browse or use this material, students can visit the Law Information Center located on the 1st floor or the Law Library on the 2nd basement floor. Along with these facilities, the library provides 400-seat reading rooms, six group study rooms, a seminar room, and a conference room which offers a user-friendly learning environment. The exhibition room, located on the 1st floor, has a collection of exhibits which illustrate the 100-year history of the nation’s first law school.


Haedong Digital Library

Located on the 2nd floor of the College of Engineering Building 1, Haedong Digital Library was established in April 2014 under the auspices of Jeong-sik Kim, President of the Haedong Science Culture Foundation. The library offers users unlimited access to 3,897 e-books. In fact, users can browse the e-books and data not only through dedicated terminals but also through their smart devices. Study rooms and lounges situated in the library facilitate communication between students from the College of Engineering and the free exchange of information. By fully utilizing the store of electronic data and facilities in the library, students can further their goal of becoming leading engineers armed with creative ideas and knowledge of both the humanities and engineering.