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Welfare Facilities map image

Aegineung Student Center
  • Cafeteria : The cafeteria sells set meals and snacks to students.
    Tel : 02-3290-4351
  • Shoe Repair Shop : Located on the 1st floor, the shop repairs shoes and bags. Students can also make their own seals or copy keys here.
Aegineung Student Union Building
  • Snack Bar (Tto-rang): Students can buy convenience food such as gimbap, sandwiches, and noodles. Beverages and snacks are also available.
    Tel : 02-923-4294
On-campus Shuttle Bus Details
  • Shuttle buses, running between the Sciences Campus and the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus, are available at the bus stop located near the Science Library. Since the bus schedule varies from semester to semester, students are advised to check related notices on the university homepage and the university portal, KUPID.
    Tel : 02-3290-1162
Medical Institution Details
  • Korea University Anam Hospital: Located across the main road from the rear gate of the Sciences Campus, the hospital is attuned to the medical needs of those who are currently enrolled in the university.
Other Amenities Details