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College of Engineering Building 1
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    Haedong Digital Library Located on the 2nd floor, the Haedong Digital Library is a small but specialized library which facilitates communication and exchanges among students. It was opened as part of the Open Course ware project administered by the Engineering Education Innovation Center. The library has not only engineering texts but also books in the fields of the humanities and sociology, and novels to enrich the lives of students. The library continues to buy books and receive book donations, so it is constantly increasing its stock. Those who want to borrow a book are required to become library members by signing up on the computers located in the lounge.
    Computer Lab Located on the 2nd floor, the computer lab is open to students.
Techno Complex Research Center
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    Restaurant Two alternative courses are offered for every meal to students and faculty. Meals are available three times a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    Tel : 02-3290-4348
    Snack Bar Beverages and snacks are sold.
New Engineering Building
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    Student Lounge (male, female) The student lounge is divided into two sections for males and females respectively, and are ideal places to relax.
Innovation Building
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    The Innovation Building houses lecture theaters, multi-media lecture rooms, computer labs, medium-sized auditoriums, research labs and laboratories.
    Spaces on some floors are rented to companies. In the same way as the KOREA TechnoComplex, this arrangement helps to deepen industrial-academic cooperation and to facilitate the exchange of up-to-date information. Unlike the Techno Complex Research Center, the Innovation Building has lecture rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors that are frequented by students. Lecture halls and large lecture rooms are named after alumni members and corporate contributors, for example Shin Seung-bum lecture room at Uncho-Useoun Hall and the LG-POSCO Hall of the Business School.
International Center of Converging Technology
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    This structure was built to invigorate research into cutting-edge science technologies and industrial-academic cooperation. The Battelle-Korea Laboratory is located on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors. The joint research laboratory, established by the world’s top non-profit research organization and the top research-oriented university in Korea, has become renowned for its work.
Robot Convergence Building
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    This building has General Labs, Cutting-edge Labs, Research Course Labs, and lecture rooms. It was built as part of the research project that the university was tasked with by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. It is also the first building in Korea whose steel-frame structures were built by robots.
    The Construction Automation for High-Rise Building Research Group is developing automation technology for the construction of high-rise building structures by using robotic cranes. This research is based on the convergence of robotics technology and high-rise building construction technology.