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Parking fee
Parking fee Hours Note
Within 15 minutes KRW 500 Free for up to five minutes
Between 15 and 30 minutes KRW 1,000  
Between 30 minutes and two hours KRW 500 per 10 minutes KRW 2,500 for an hour or more
KRW 1000 per 10 minutes KRW 5,500 for 2 hours or more
Over 2 hours ~   KRW 11,500 for 3 hours or more
Student/Commuter Parking
  • Graduate students (PhD and Master’s students working as TAs), and special graduate school students are allowed to park on campus as commuters.
  • Master's students not working as TAs and undergraduates are not allowed to park on campus as commuters due to the lack of parking space.
  • After improving parking capacity, the university will consider expanding the range of commuter parking permits.
    * For more information, please contact the parking management office. On the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus: 3290-1866. On the Sciences Campus: 3290-4362. On the Nokji Campus: 920-5038.
  • If a student needs to commute by car due to temporary illness or injury, they should obtain a medical certificate from hospital and visit the General Affairs Department to receive the necessary parking permit.
    * In this case, the parking fee for graduate students will apply.
Event Parking Fee
  • Please complete the Request Form for Event Parking Permit (available at the General Affairs Department located on the 1st floor of the Main Hall) and await confirmation from the department before purchasing parking permits at the parking management office.
    ※ Please attach documentary evidence such as invitations or pamphlets.
  • Hours Parking fee Note
    4 hours KRW 1,000  
    8 hours KRW 2,000
    All-day KRW 3,000