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Dean and Associate Deans
Dean and Associate Deans
Job Name TEL e-mail
Dean Joong Hoon Kim +82-2-3290-4032 jaykim@korea.ac.kr
Associate Dean (Academic) Kyung Rock Paik +82-2-3290-4050 paik@korea.ac.kr
Associate Dean (Planning) Young Chai Ko +82-2-3290-4054 koyc@korea.ac.kr
Associate Dean (Research) Tae Su Cheong +82-2-3290-4056 tcheong@korea.ac.kr
Associate Dean (External Relations) Joonho Lee +82-2-3290-4051 joonholee@korea.ac.kr

Administration Office
Administration Office
Job Name TEL e-mail
Director of Department Kihong Kim +82-2-3290-4080 kantra@korea.ac.kr
Faculty HR, Planning, Fundraising,Public Relations and Communication Jung Bae Park +82-2-3290-4081 torch@korea.ac.kr
Budgeting and Accounting, Endowment Management, General Affairs Se Joong Kim +82-2-3290-4125 ksjok@korea.ac.kr
Design and Contruction, Space, Facilities, and Safety Management Kyungnam Cho +82-2-3290-4084 sucia@korea.ac.kr
Postgraduate Admission, Scholarships, Technology Entrepreneurship Major Nayoung Kim +82-2-3290-4128 knyagnes@korea.ac.kr
Undergraduate Admission, Hae-dong Library Services Naram Lee +82-2-3290-4127 naram4127@korea.ac.kr
Student Exchanges, Student Internships & Partnerships, Web Seong Young An +82-2-3290-4083 Stella83@korea.ac.kr
Secretary General, Meeting & Conference, Research Funding Jiyeon Maeng +82-2-3290-4089 mjyaha@korea.ac.kr

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