□ Legal Basis

[ACT ON WELFARE OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES] Article 25 (Raising Social Awareness) 

□ Duration of Education 

2019. 1. 1 ~ 2019. 12. 15

* It is required to take the course once a year. 

□ Subject of Education 

Faculty members, school staffs and students in Korea University 

□ Purpose of Education

In accordance with Act on Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, the compulsory education aims to establish better understanding and awareness of disability. 

□ Contents of education 

1. Definition of disability

2. Laws and systems related to the human rights of the disabled 

3. Behavioral characteristics of the disabled and etiquette for types of disability 

4. Devices and facilities for the disabled 

□ Procedure of education

Lecture (course I. ~ course IV.)

Quiz (5 questions) (Required to score higher than 30 out of 50 to complete the course)

Print out certificate of completion

□ Contacts for inquiry 

Center for Students with Disabilities 02) 3290-1534~5

E-learning (Questions related to blackboard) 02) 3290-1585