The College of Engineering at Korea University (Dean Kim Yong-chan) is continuously arranging measures to maintain a healthy and safe campus life and remove inconveniences for using facilities, despite the increasing spread of COVID-19.

For instance, smart thermal detectors are installed at each entrance of the engineering building for an easy-to-use thermal check system. Also, separate online classrooms for smooth non-face-to-face classes are set up.

Currently, there are three lecture halls where online classes can be conducted at the College of Engineering: Room 162 at Engineering Building, Room 106 at Creativity Hall, and Room 316 at New Engineering Building.

These classrooms have fixed webcams and Wacom Tablet monitors to ensure the convenience of online lessons. Remote controls and pens must be borrowed in person through the College of Engineering office. Since these are not dedicated spaces for online classes but are used for face-to-face lectures as well, students who wish to use the spaces must make reservations during their available hours.

When making reservations for all classrooms within the jurisdiction of the College of Engineering, Korea University members must access the KUPID portal, a knowledge-based portal of KU. According to the university’s regulations, students need to apply for space reservation/management under the Life category of the portal at least two weeks in advance. This procedure also applies to reserving spaces for examinations in each major (department).

However, in the case of conferences and events, reservations may be made under exceptional circumstances. Moreover, due to the proliferation of COVID-19, reservation schedules are subject to change to comply with the government and KU’s disease prevention guidelines. /College of Engineering News