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Science Library
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    Copy Room The library has two copy rooms – Rainbow Munhwasa (on the 1st basement floor) and Copy World (on the 1st floor) – where students can print and copy documents and bind books.
    Cafeteria (MOST) Located on the 1st basement floor, the cafeteria sells cornbread, ice-cream and beverages such as coffee. (It has four tables. Students can take out what they purchase.)
    Flower Shop Located on the 1st basement floor, the flower shop sells bouquets and flowers in pots or baskets. Students can order floral arrangements to express congratulations or condolences. The shop delivers their products across the country.
    Tel : 02-3290-2647
    Barber and Hair Salon
    (Joe Hair Jet)
    The barber and hair salon provides hair-cutting, perm, dyeing, and bleaching services.
    Tel : 02-927-8508
    Electronic Service The shop sells and repairs various kinds of electronic device such as calculators, cassette players, clocks, CD players, and batteries.
    Computer Service
    (Future i-Net)
    The shop sells and repairs computers and related accessories.
    Mobile telecommunication store The store sells mobile phones and provides related services such as bill payment, change of phone numbers, and the creation of new accounts.
    Tel : 02-925-2114
    Glasses Shop The shop sells eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and related consumables. Students can have an eyesight test for free.
    Tel : 02-922-2225
    Photo Studio
    (Hoyoung Photo Gallery)
    Located on the 1st basement floor, the photo studio offers photo-related services such as photoshoots, photo development and printing. It also sells film and disposable cameras and repairs broken cameras.
    Tel : 02-922-1149
    Lockers A total of 710 lockers are available for rent to students.