1. Program: LTE (Learning by Teaching Experience) Language Exchange Program

2. Objectives:

 1) To build rapport among Korean and International students.

  2) To share and learn multicultural idea and experiences.

  3) To learn Korean (for Int’l students), To learn foreign languages (for Korean students)

3. Qualifications:

  1) For ALL:

     a) Students who have enrolled for the 2017 Fall semester. (Seoul campus only)

     b) Students who are ready to take full responsibility for making this program successful.

  2) For Int’l students:

    a) those who are passionate to learn Korean language.

    b) those who are ready to teach their mother tongue diligently.

  3) For Korean students:

    a) those who are committed to teaching.

    b) those who are keen on learning foreign languages.

4. How to apply and start the program

  1) Submit your application to GSC in person. (Please bring your student ID card)

    a) Application period: Oct 30 – Nov 8, 2017 17:00 PM

    b) Required documents: 2017-2 LTE Language Exchange Program Application form and Letter of Oath

 (Please find 2017-2 LTE Language Exchange Program Application form and Letter of Oath attached)

  2) Receive confirmation email from GSC on Nov 10, it also includes;

  - Partner information: Name, Exchange language information, Email address, KakaoTalk ID

  3) Check our mandatory orientation schedule, and attend it with your partner.

  4) Start the program with your partner.

  * Those who can’t attend the orientation, must visit us with your partner for a separate session.

(Through Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 5 pm, lunch break 12 ~ 1)

5. Things to note

  1) Please hand in your application and letter of oath in person as we will be checking your student ID card on the spot. Email submission can not be accepted.

  2) Please be informed that you are to take full responsibility to make language exchange successful upon

the GSC orientation.

  3) Please note that the center does not issue any official documents confirming your participation as it is a voluntary program.

6. Contact

Tel. +82-2-3290-5173,5174,5179

Email: gsc@korea.ac.kr

Website: gsc.korea.ac.kr