2018/2019 KU International Winter Campus Registration


1. Application Period: October 8th, 2018 (MON) November 30th , 2018 (FRI)


2. Program Duration: December 27th , 2018 (THU) January 17th , 2019 (THU) (3 weeks)


3. Course Schedule:

A. 1st period: 9am 11:50am

B. 2nd period: 1pm-3:50pm


4. Eligibility: Korea University Students (For both currently attending or those who have taken an absence period)

*Those graduating or applying for a completion of degree on February, 2019 are not eligible*


5. Course Fee:

A. 1 course: 400,000 KRW (3 credits)

B. 2 courses: 800,000 KRW (6 credits)


6. Course Drop/Add Period: December 27th, 2018 (THU) 9am December 28th, 2018 (FRI) 5pm


7. Cancellation/Refund Period:

A. If canceled before December 12th , 2018 (WED): 100% refund

B. If canceled before December 28th , 2018 (FRI): 80% refund

C. If canceled after December 29th , 2018 (FRI): NO refund


8. How to Apply:

A. Visit our official website (winter.korea.ac.kr)

B. Click on ‘IWC Apply & Pay Here’

C. Select on ‘Korea University Students’ and fill-out the online application


9. How to Complete Registration:

A. Deadline for Fee Payment: November 30th , 2018 (FRI)

B. How to proceed with payment:

I. Once you complete your online application, you will receive an individual virtual account number (KEB Hana Bank) * Payment should be done in KRW, and wire transfer commissions should be paid by the student


10. Course Cancellation Policy: Cancelled if less than 10 students register for the course


11. Academic Credits:

A. Course credits from International Winter Campus are transferred to Korea University credits

B. In combination with credits from the regular winter campus offered by the university, a total of 6 credits are accepted

C. Transferable credits per course are listed in the attached document

D. Important Notice:

i. Only courses approved by the offered specific Major (double-major, minor major, multiple majors) will be considered as major required, major elective courses, elective general studies or major-related general studies, accordingly. * Courses that do not fall in any category will be automatically classified as general elective

ii. Only courses that are similar to those offered during the International Winter Campus will be eligible for re-take during the regular semester * If a similar course is not stated, students can only re-take that particular course in the following International Winter Campus

iii. If a course offered during the International Winter Campus is similar to one offered during the regular semester, then the course number and name will automatically change in your transcript to that offered during the regular semester

Ex) IWC111 Introduction to Marketing BUSS205 Introduction to Marketing

iv. Categorization of courses enrolled during the International Winter Campus can be modified if a student gets accepted to a double-major or interdisciplinary program. For example, a Korean Language & Literature Major takes ‘IWC111 Introduction to Marketing’ during our program and in his/her academic transcript it will show as ‘BUSS205 Introduction to Marketing’ but it will be classified as a General Elective. If he/she gets accepted to a double-major program in the Business School, he/she can approach the academic coordinator of the Business School and request to change the course from General Elective to Major elective.

v. Courses that were taken during the regular semester can’t be re-taken during the International Winter Campus program


12. Contact Info: Korea University, Office of International Affairs, International Studies (Dongwon Global Leadership Hall #201)

A. Phone: 3290-1152~1154, 1156,1598, 1599

B. Email: kuwinter@korea.ac.kr

C. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kuisc.iwc/

D. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kuisc.iwc/

E. Homepage: https://winter.koreac.kr